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Political Science

Iranian Civilization October 3 , 2013 I. Review a. The first occurrence of the Medes—Iranian immigration on the first plateau. b. The Assyrian chronicles record the arrival of Iranians on the plateau- they are the Assyrians and the Medes c. The Medes took over the Assyrian empire with the aid of the Babylonians from Mesopotamia. d. Page four of previous handout- Assyria is terminated. e. Eventually the Median’s conquer the Persians and create the first Iranian empire f. Medes are the sovereigns of the Persians before they rise to power. g. Horodus – the Greek philosopher who writes about the Persian empire because he is a Greek who lives as an Iranian subject. He wrote the history of the empire during the battles of the Greek and Persian Empire. In addition, he wrote about the Medes, providing legends and myths of leader Dahuka (first person the lead the Medes). He was followed by several kings, most importantly Cyaxares(?) of Hoovakhshaftra (the one who is in possession of the something). HANDOUT THREE II. Evidence of Who was Who a. The architecture of these cities shows the structure of power within said cities. Example: palaces, fortresses, modest housing, etc. b. Echatana – dirt city of the Medes, is modern Hamadan. (remember trip to Iran, and the pottery/ underground city) c. Linguistic difference- the term for kind in Medes locations used Old Persian which evolved to modern Farsi. Many Farsi terms, such as shah, satrap, etc, show that the Medes had the first Empire and reflected the important names (emperor, empire, more) in our current language. The Medes were first to have a large scale empire, and the Persians later inherited it. d. Medes are Mod in Farsi. III. The Elamites Iranian Civilization October 3 , 2013 a. The only reason we are interested, is because we thing they provided a lot to the forging of the later Persian empire (similar to the Medes) b. Huge division between the lowlands and h
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