PSYCH 100A Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Major Depressive Disorder

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Published on 28 Mar 2018
Lecture 2
1st study - texting behavior of college students
What are the social norms involving texting?
When is it okay to text people
Populations and Samples
Population represents all the possible people we are interested in studying
o In the study, they are working with college aged students
Represents all millennial students in the United States
About 30-50 million people
Goal of research is to establish truths about everybody
Want to study social norms of the entire population by taking a SAMPLE
Sample is a subset of a population
o How trustworthy are our results from our sample?
We are drawing conclusions based on 150 college students. How applicable is
it to use this sample?
We want a conclusion about a broader amount of people, but we just get
data from a sample
Variable is an attribute that takes on a characteristic of an individual
o Some variables are qualitatively different or numeric distinctions between people
o How we analyze the data depends on the type of measurement scale
Ex) we wouldn't compute the average gender, but we would compute the
number of texts checked
o 4 different types of measurement scales
Nominal Scales
Responses are grouped into mutually exclusive categories with no
inherent rank order
Ex) Female or Male, depression history (yes/no)
Attributes that are qualitatively different
Can't rank/order people from high to low, has to be in one
group or another
Ordinal Scales
Ordered - responses are grouped into categories that can be rank
Differences in amount
Ex) Class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), letter
grade (A, B, C, D, F), Likert-type scales (strongly disagree, disagree,
agree, strongly agree)
Putting people into bins that have order. You have more of
Continuous Variables(Interval and Ratio Scales)
Continuous is something numeric
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find more resources at
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Document Summary

1st study - texting behavior of college students. What are the social norms involving texting: when is it okay to text people. Populations and samples: population represents all the possible people we are interested in studying. How applicable is it to use this sample: we want a conclusion about a broader amount of people, but we just get. You have more of something: continuous variables(interval and ratio scales, numeric, continuous is something numeric, responses are numeric and approximate a number line. In psychology, numeric variables are not truly continuous: separate people by amount, not categories/bins. Link between scale and analysis: we can average text checks but not the average of gender, the mean is inappropriate for many categorical variables. In dsm, clinical depression has a huge list of symptoms: so, multiple-item scales are used by researchers to routinely measure complicated psychology constructs with multiple items that tap into the same theme.

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