CFD 3240 Lecture 8: Ways to Increase

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3240

Ways to Increase Children’s Imitation of Parental Modeling • To be more effective as models for their children, parents can increase their children’s imitation of desired behaviors when they: o Make an effort to gain the child’s attention o Use language to describe desired behavior o Demonstrate desired behavior o Allow practice of desired behavior o Reinforce desired behavior o Have patience as the child is learning new behaviors The Technique of Induction • Explains to children the consequences of their actions • Consequences to self (positive & negative) o Positive: When you brush your teeth, your teeth are nice and clean and it helps you not to get cavities o Negative: If you run on the sidewalk, you might fall down and hurt yourself • Consequences to others (positive & negative) o Positive: When you share with Sally, Sally might share with you o Negative: When you knock down Sally’s block’s, she feels sad because she worked hard to build them up The Use of Induction as Prevention or Motivation • For prevention of problems: o “Be sure to call me to let me know if you are going to be late.” o “When you are not here when I expect you, I am concerned about whether you are okay.” ▪ “Do you need a ride home?”; “Were you in an accident?” • For motivation of prosocial behavior: o “Why don’t you pick some flowers from the garden to take to Grandma?” o “It pleases her so much to know you thought of her and she loves fresh flowers.” Natural & Logical Consequences • Consequences are logically related to what the child has done • Helps children to
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