EDFL 2240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Social Learning Theory, Albert Bandura, Classical Conditioning

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Social Learning Theory
Setting the contest
o The pshologists e’e alread disussed ould hae defied learig as a
behavioral change, resulting from training
o For Palo & Watso, the traiig ausig the ehaioral hage ould hae ee
classical conditioning
o For Thordike & “kier, the traiig ould hae ee a i of lassial ad operat
Meet Albert Bandura
o Alert Badura ertail does’t thik that oditioig aloe eplais all ehaior
o Born in 1925 and still active, his life’s ork has ee to stud aother a that e
lear… oserig ad iitatig others.
o Because of its emphasis on people learning from each other, his ideas are usually called
“oial Learig Theor
Social Learning Theory
o Is oe eaple of eo-behavioris
o Accepts the work of Pavlov, Watson, Thorndike, and Skinner, but adds some important
Social influences
Vicarious learning
Social learning in action
o The proess of learig  oserig odels’ atios ad/or oserig hat happens as
a result
o Classic example of Social Learning Theory: The Bobo Doll Experiment (1965)
How does this affect me?
o Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are affected each day in countless ways, as a
result of observational learning.
How can I use this?
o According to Bandura, social learning occurs in 4 stages:
Attentional phase
Get studets’ attetio ith ues, oelt, surprise, ad otiatio
Retention phase
Model how to do the desired action
Reproduction phase
Have student practice the desired action
Motivational phase
Reinforce, motivate help them improve
o Aother great a to use oseratioal learig is through usig positie disiplie i
your classroom
o Rather than pointing out what people are doing wrong, try pointing out publicly what
others are doing correctly
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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