FCSE 3120 Lecture 10: How Do You Live Your Life

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Family and Consumer Sciences Education
FCSE 3120

How Do You Live Your Life? • What do you enjoy? • What do you not enjoy? • What gives you joy in your life? • What things do you do to stay healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually? Know What You Want Yourself • How I use my time now o Rushing through the morning o Skipping breakfast o Eating out at lunch o No energy for housework o Falling asleep too early • How I want to use my time o Make time for breakfast and more nutritious lunch o Exercise o Enjoy evening with family Top 1-2-3 Spending Your Time • Spend a few minutes thinking about the “Top 3” things that are most important. • Write them down – and think about why these things are important to you. • Post this list in a place where you can see it. Being Flexible • Understand the options available at work that impact salary, benefits, vacation, career advancement. • Full-time options o Flextime, telecommuting, compressed workweek • Less-than-full-time options o Job sharing, phased in return to work (maternity leave, regular part-time work Family Supportive Workplace Policies • Compressed work week (4 day/10-hour week) • Part-time work schedule • Job sharing • Tuition reimbursement • Self-employment • Outside services (child and elderly care) • On-site seminars (financial planning, stress prevention) • Mentoring program • Wellness programs • Flexible hours • Telework • Achievement awards (bonuses) • Dry cleaning, food shops, low-cost cafeterias, after-school care, child care centers • Drop-in centers (satellite centers in suburbs) • On-site educational services Putting First Things First • Steps I can take to make these happen: o Lay out clothing the night before o Making full recipes of breakfast foods to be frozen and heated up in the microwave o Listen to the iPod rather than watch TV • I would spend more time doing: • Getting things organized in the morning • I would spend less time doing: • Lying in
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