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Lecture 18

HIST 1351 Lecture 18: Lecture 18_Vietnam Era 1961-1975

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University of Central Missouri
HIST 1351
Dr.Jon Taylor

War Abroad and at Home Vietnam Era 19611975 U.S. involvement in Vietnam 19451963 Role of French, Ho Chi Minh, Vietminh o Under Truman o Under Eisenhower Domino effect Dienbienphu, 1954 Geneva Accords; Diem in south 1955 o Under Kennedy (flexible response) Opposition to Diem in south National Liberation Front Vietcong Increases military advisors Buddhist opposition Diems assassination, Nov. 1963 He was assassinated by his own people with the green light from the CIA War escalates under Johnson o Johnson needs Congressional support Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, 1964 North Vietnamese and U.S. both had ships here. Baddox was attacked by North Vietnam ships. Johnson created this resolution to this situation. Johnson responds o Escalation continues Operation rolling thunder Dropped 800 tons of bombs on Vietnam for 3 years. Number of ground troops increases 1966: 380,000 troops 1968: 536,000 troops The combat experience o Characteristics of the 2.8 million Americans who served Very young. Average age was 19 Some were willing to go serve their country Most members who served in Vietnam were drafted Poor and working class made up about 80 of the enlisted ranks o Characteristics of warfare No clear battle lines Had to distinguish between friend and foe Support for was erodes 1967 o Role of television
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