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Lecture 7

ARTH 1138 Lecture 7: Flanders Continued

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Art History
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ARTH 1138
Steven Wander

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Flanders continued pg. 571583, 696699 15th Century Italian Renaissance Florence and Rome are the capitals of artistic creation the cathedral was built by Giotto and Brunelleschi (the dome) Opera del Domo (1401) competition over the door: Ghiberti versus Brunelleschi Goldsmith Artist: Petrus Christus Medium: oil successor to Jan Van Eyke personalized gures (introduction of individualism) mirror looks like a painting, so we know it is not Van Eyke because he mastered the art of painting mirrors (rounded quality of a convex mirror) signed at the bottom and dated use of light to create reections and shading to create depth similar to Arnoni wedding Christus took over the shop so he began to nish Van Eykes paintings the intricate clothing and high fashion indicates that couples wealth gold pendant chain = noble furlined coat = wealth mirror in Arnoni wedding painting is more realistic curves represent quality of convo mirror falcon in mirror is a symbol of pride Christian eucharist symbol in the back 1
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