GSCI 1050 Lecture 7: 02.07.2017

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GSCI 1050
Jennifer Cooper Boemmels

GSCI1050-002 02.07.2017 Introduction Lecture Break at 10:15am Quiz through HuskyCT begins at 10:25 - 30 minutes to complete it Review Volcanic Rock ID - texture and composition Dark rocks are signals of iron/magnesium Lecture Volcanic - Eruptions Clicker Q: Which process is responsible for volcanic activity along a mid-ocean ridge? Decompression melting • Decompression melting is where mantle material is brought up from depth • Mantle is solid but can move over time • That mantle material is very hot, but being kept solid due to pressure • As it rises, it is exposed to lower pressure, meaning it starts to melt • Loss of pressure is what causes the rock to melt; it stays hot as it ascends Flux Melting • melting of the mantle because we’re adding volatiles • you tend to see it in different type of setting from decompression melting • subduction - oceanic lithosphere, convergent setting • mantle is in solid form, but as seafloor gets brought into mantle, it is heating up and undergoing changes • it releases volatiles such as water vapor into the overlying mantle • those volatiles are what are generating the magma, which then feeds the volcano Eruptions • Eruptive behavior is controlled by the silica and water content of the magma Volcanic Products (3) • lava • pyroclastic material (ash/chunks of rock/anything that’s ejected from the volcano) • gases Style of Eruption • depends on viscosity of magma and eventually the lava
 • Magma viscosity (resis
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