GSCI 1050 Lecture 24: 04.18.2017

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GSCI 1050
Jennifer Cooper Boemmels

GSCI1050-002 04.18.17 Next Tuesday is last in-class quiz on sessions 21-24 1050 students (taking lab) have lab final during last week of classes, not during finals week Next week is last week of classes, so you have lab final during regularly scheduled period Next week 4/27 Thursday OYO at 9:15am & final 4th journal entry at 11:59pm so whatever session that was on midterm, pick up from there not truly cumulative focus on learning objectives from 2nd half of semester but what is “cumulative” are topics that build on information (ex: today talking about volcanoes that build on previous lectures on volcanoes) Seismic and Volcanic Hazards • Earthquake Hazards • Earthquake Prediction • Volcanic Hazards • Historic Volcanic Eruptions Which of the following settings is least likely to experience a powerful earthquake? • Divergent • Convergent (most likely to have powerful earthquakes) • Transform • None of the these can still have powerful earthquakes in all 3 of these settings - the answer is none of these Earthquake Hazards • Earthquakes occur at all type of plate boundaries, most powerful at convergent • Do all earthquakes have to happen at a plate boundary? no, there are interplate earthquakes as well • occur along fault zones • footwall/hanging wall • hanging wall down is normal fault • ex - breaking a stick • dip-slip fault has dip to fault plane & movement moves along it • strike-slip fault (walls moving past each other) ◦ left lateral vs right lateral • location of earthquake is hypocenter/focus ◦ on TV, call it epicenter (the mapped position on earth’s surface of that focus) The mapped location of an earthquake is referred to as… • The epicenter • The focus • The hypocenter • None of these Seismic shaking remains a great vulnerability. • Earthquakes don’t kill; buildings do (or secondary effects, such as tsunamis) • ex: Chile, 2010 Earthquake ground motion • energy waves • body waves travel through interio
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