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Lecture 4

MGMT 3101 Lecture 4: MGMT Lecture 4

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MGMT 3101
Lucy Gilson

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MGMT Lecture 4 Chapter 1 exam prep Push vs pull strategy, Mary parker folleti pg 6,7 Theory X Y Human capital, p.8 Contingency approach, p. 7 Social capital, p. 10 Positive psychology, p. 12 (POB positive organizational behavior) CHOSE Model (Table 13, p.13) Ethics p. 18, Corporate Social Responsibility p. 19 (Economic, legal, ethical, philanthropic responsibility) Seven Moral principles (Table 14, p. 22) How to improve organized ethical climate, p. 23 24 Chapter 2 exam prep Layers of organizational culture (observable, artifacts, exposed values, underlying assumptions) p. 33 35 Four functions of Organizational Culture p. 35 37 Phases of organizational socialization p. 46 47 Work diversity Mentoring p. 50 Communication Pattern Sender Receiver Sender: the message intended (encode message) Receiver: the message perceived (decode message) Passed through media Noise: interrupts message Ethics 1. You cannot make threats against another person The culture of our country considers it to be unethical 2. You cannot give away company secrets 3. We cannot commit perjury in a court of law 4. We cannot incite people to violence through hate speech 5. We cannot engage in deformation of a persons character either through slender (verbal statement) or in the written form
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