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Lecture 4

MUSI 1001 Lecture 4: Musi 1001 notes 4

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University of Connecticut
MUSI 1001
Heather De Savage

Musi 1001 Notes 4 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina: 15261594 Counter Reformation: Catholic church response to protestant reform Council of Trent (15451563) addressed these concerns, changed some practices, considered: return to plainchant, USS complex polyphony, Composers addressed this in various ways Palestrina Gloria from Pope Marcellus Mass (1562) Second section of mass ordinary text 6 voice parts Demonstrates new methods of setting mass text without obscuring it Some imitation (not as much as Josquin) More homophonic textures Secular music in Renaissance England: Lute = very popular Madrigal: Secular genre One stanza love poem Italian (popular first) English (established later) Expressive musical settings Word painting WordPainting English madrigals are especially known for it English Madrigal School (15881627) Thomas Morely 15571602: leader of the school Thomas Weelkes 15761623 William Byrd 15391623 Trumpets of Oriana (1601) 25 madrigals For Queen Elizabeth I As Vesta was From Latmos Hill Descending By Thomas Weelkes From Trumpets of Oriana (1601)
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