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Lecture 2

SOCI 1501W Lecture 2: Soci1501w notes 2

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SOCI 1501W
Dennis Breslin

Soci1501w Notes 2 Worried about being Politically correct? (With your commentsthoughtsetc.)? Sometimes you should just keep quiet America has been multiracialmulticultural from the beginningso why do we deny this? Denying this has one part of society acting like they are better. Symbolic Interactionism Inequality creates difference. Race, class, and gender are differences we have created at the expense of others. At a point in time when gender should matter the least, it matters the most. At a point in time when gender should have mattered the most, it mattered the least. We treat ourselves as if we need gender to matter a lot. We are seeing the same people; were just defying them differently. Therefore, we treat them differently. We live in a world where identity plays much less of a role, but were still working it out. Race= physical differences Ethnicity= cultural differences There is no such thing as Races; we are all the same species. We just vary in differences. The more we change the more we stay the same.
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