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Lecture 3

ARTHI 6B Lecture 18: Lecture #3

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Art History

Late antiquity is a widespread phenomenon, characterised by the synthesis and transformation of a variety of artistic and cultural traditions. Review: Colossal head of constantine (Rome) Jewish image, Samuel anointing Davis wall painting (Dura Europos) Emperor Justinian mural (San Vitale) ● Now north of Mediterranean Questions 1. How does barbarian art serve functions beyond the aesthetic? 2. How do insular manuscripts us indigenous traditions to create a new approach to text and why? 3. How do author portraits transform Roman tradition to convey new understandings? ● Migrations ● barbarian=non roman (misnomer!) Roman technical term, not accurate because it is too broad. Very sophisticated independent societies. ● Ethnic groups with Roman ties Votive Crown of Visigoths (west goths) King Recceswinth: Gift to God himself. Gold pearls, sapphires, colored glass. ● Placed over a church altar ● Christ is the king of kings, conveys this ● Shows off incredible wealth. ● Political statement, king aligning himself with god ● Creating a political bond with God. Pair of bird shaped brooches, Visigothic (500 CE) ● Zoomorphic ● Technique: Cloisonne (cells) ● Fusion of indigenous and Roman traditions ● Glimmering materials ● Showing off wealth ● Eagle is a Roman imperial symbol. ● Probably used to fasten a woman's cloak ● Conveys visigothic wealth in the Roman tradition ● Most Visigothic traveled, didnt have set courts, so they carried their wealth with them. Showed wealth and status ● Connection to Rome and its power. ● Appropriation= taking something from another culture and making it your own Gold Buckle from Sutton Hoo burial, Anglo- Saxon (600 CE) ● functional object (belt buckle) ● All gold ● High ranking elite warrior, displayed his wealth ● Technique: Niello (metal decoration) Incise designs, filled with dark substance ● Abstract Zoomorphic ● Interlace ● Illusory= flat with a sense of depth ● Sutton Hoo was a ship burial of a high ranking Scandinavian man. ● Showing off status, wealth, buried with gear, riches, weapons. The Bible ● Sacred writings of the scripture ● Jewish scripture (old Testament) ● New Testament (gospels, act of apostles, letters, revelations). Gospel ● Gospel= good news ● First four books of new testament ● Story of Jesus’ life (salvation story) ● Authors= Matthew, Mark, Luke, John ● Witnesses to events described in the bible Book of Durrow, Beginning of Gospel of John (Iona, off coast of Scotland) ● Illuminated= images on them. Some gold leaf so they are actually illuminated with light on them ● One page entirely decoration ● Evangelist symbols
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