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Black Studies
BL ST 45

August 6, 2013  Novels took the from a narratives  Richard H. the memoirs…  Black authors: o More authentic to the regards of slavery o Way of writing was consistent to the Victorian age o More concerned about their own elegance, with elevated language o Black dialect o Musical devices  Novels o The heroic slave o Cloteoi?? o Our Nig  Black poetry in 19 century o A negro love song (Poem) o We wear the Mask o Sympathy  Writers of short stories o One of the best Charles chest nut o Goofered: Haunted , bewitched o Lynching of Jew Vincent o DunBar was one of the greatest  Black Dancers o Art form o Ring dancers , strong African influence o Ring shout o Distinguished , William henry Lang (juega)  Born a feeman in Rhode island  1895 distinguished interpreters  Challenged in contest  Viewed as the greatest dancer in the work  1856 died in London o Cake walk : imitated the white slave masters  Involved into international dance sensation  Can be heard reference in music  Made a song to show how popular the dance was in france  Slow drag ,Stop time (other dances)  Black minstrel(Ethiopian minstrel) o White men who went ton stage with burnt o Thomas dark W.M o 1840 most important form of theatric o Zip coon, zip coon , character of urban slave o Most popular characters was Jim crow  Slow pathetic , ignorant , down and out o Black entered after the civil war o Authentic minstrel o Out competed their white counter parts , drove the white counterparts into a new form called o Important sources of training for black actors  Black musical o Creo show: o Music of boo o Black patty troubadours o Trip to coon town 1898 o Female interlocker o Black musical could have commercial o Black pattest trudeore  Errata jones o A
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