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Lecture 14

CLASS 40 Lecture 14: Lecture 14

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Monday, May 8, 2017 Lecture 14 Greek Mythology - Zeus and Hera go to Tiresias to determine if either one is the better one at sex • if there are 10 points of pleasure, the woman has 9, the man has 1 • Hera blinded him because she was so angry, Zeus rewarded him with the gift of prophecy - Today’s theme: seeing one side of the possible answers on what makes man and woman different - First see things from a primary male point of view then the woman’s side addressed - Poem • gives you a stereotypical male view of woman - god made woman of different kinds - animal and elements and the way that they are describes makes it less than humans - negative view of women - pay attention to: at the end, made fun of women through the entire piece but at the end makes fun of men; - Theogony vs. Works and Days vs. Genesis - questions: why were women created and how are they different from men? - Theogony-Zeus created women as a punishment for stealing the fire-Prometheus steals fire for humans, humans punished along with Prometheus • woman herself is bad but rather a mixture of good and bad • even though she is described as a punishment for men, she has these great gifts from Athena and hyphaestus to make her appealing to men - “you cant live with them, you can’t live without them” • if you don't marry not only will you have a wife to take care of you, but you wont have children to take care of you in his old age • Negative story 1 Monday, May 8, 2017 - Works and Days • women is a form of punishment • Athena and all the other gods-Aphrodite and the graces-more things that a female has that are positive - multiplying the same idea from Theogony but multiplying the people gifting the woman • given the woman’s name-because all of the gods gave her as a gift to men the story of the jar-she brings this jar and opens the jar-all of the evils in human life • but fortunately closes it and keeps in the jar, hope - reinforces hesiods general idea that human life could have been so much better but is rather a miserable life explained through pandora-fortunately we have hope so we don’t get too depressed-hope will allow us to strive and use the good strife to live justly. - Pandora-“all-gifts”-bringing all gifts • modifying the story of a woman bringing all good gifts to humans a lot of stories in early societies about female figures bringing good things- • bringing good things are associated with Demeter, earth • myths in many different societies with females that are associated with gifts that come to making • the story of the name of Pandora has a much more positive story of women - Gaia is the first being • Eros mating is the principle of mating, but early females are responsible for the existence of Eros - Genesis
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