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Lecture 4

MUS 112E Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Gretchen Am Spinnrade, Spinning Wheel, Winterreise

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MUS 112E

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Thursday, April 21, y
Defining features of the Lied
Gretchen Am Spinnrade by Schubert
-Gretchen is lovesick
-piano part causes tension with its fast notes
-emotion is created through both text and music
-piano plays like fluid motion of a spinning wheel
-series of ascending fifths present
-foot pedal motif occurs there too
-climaxes on a really high note with diminished 7th chords
-also depicts breaking of spinning wheel
The Lied: formal possibilities
-strophic: same music for each verse
-A, A1, A2, A3, etc
-modified strophic/strophic variation: music repeats for some verses, others vary
-A, A1, A2, X!!!, A3, etc
-A B A1
-through composed: new music for each verse
-died at 31 and wrote 600 songs
-used texts that are very common of his time
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