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Lecture 12

MUS 112E Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Der Ring Des Nibelungen

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MUS 112E

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Thursday, April 21, y
German Romantic Opera
-combo of spoken dialogue and mixture of musical forms
-not at all like French or Italian opera
Der Freischütz,
-inspired by a book of ghost stories
-there is a folk devil, which is not like a real devil
-good=C major
-nature=Eb major
-evil=C minor
-lots of gloating and shaming
-very pastoral
-simplified orchestra; not really showcased
-fetish of simplicity
-group expression; about staging German folk culture
-Act III, “Hunters Chorus”
-Act II, “Wolf’s Glen scene”
-no singing involved whatsoever
Wagner as Author
-once wrote about why Jews couldn’t be musicians in Germany
-1849: Revolution in Dresden
-1849: Wagner publishes “the Artwork of the Future”
-1850: Wagner returns to Paris
-1851: Wagner publishes “Drama and Opera”
-argues that the future of opera relies on Beethoven’s symphonies (artwork of the future)
-against closed form
Wagner’s Music Dramas
1. continuous musical texture
2. no standard verse forms
3. vocal lines shaped by text
4. orchestra participates in drama
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