CMPS 12B Lecture 12: Class 12 - Assignment 3

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Computer Science
Darrell Long

CMPS 12B Lecture 12 5162017 (3:204:55) Assignment3 Bloom filters You have a wall, and little holes in the wall You have a word named booger o It passes through both filters before getting to the hash table, where you then change the word o Were optimizing for the common case (hence move to front) o Bloom filter has hash function. o Bloom filter code is BitVector code + 2 lines cite your code Move to front: b is for basic, m should be many times faster o Default is no move to front rule Queues o A queue is a data struct with a front (head) and a rear (tail). o We normally think of a queue as a bounded (fixed size) data structure but this is not a requirement. o A buffer is an example of a queue. These are used to match speeds in operating systems (and other software, like networks). o Buffer = a chunk of memory, a queue is a type of buffer o Queues are used for maintaining (ordered) task lists Firstendfirstout o English people stand in queues, Americans stand in line, Italians mob the Gellato place but it is the same thing. o Operations on queues bool empty(q) cant delete more bool full(q) cant add more Finite queue like having not enough seats at a movie theater item dequeue(*q) remove from tail
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