CHEM 6C Lecture 8: Ch 23 Chemical Thermodynamics

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

4/27/17 Lecture notes (8) Ch 23 Chemical Thermodynamics Thursday, April 27, 20179:33 AM The standard state of a property X desginated by X knot is defined as such: Substances and elements : most stable form of that material at the T of interest and 1 bar of pressure Solutions : 1 M concentration Allows the tabulation and reporting of data from various sources to be accomplished. This is a state function because it does not depend on the path. Which of the following will have a greater entropy? a) 75 J reversible heat at room temperature b) Add 75 J reversible heat at 150 degrees Celsius c) Add 75 J reversible heat at 10 degrees Celsius Answer: C: there is a bigger difference when you start at a colder temperature. Entropy at constant temperature week 4 ch 22 23 Page 1 1) At the transition temp, the temp of the substance remains constant as heat is supplied 2) At the temperature of a phase transition the transfer of heat is reversible 3) If the transition takes place at constant pressure Calculate the standard enthalpy of vaporization of benzene at its normal boi
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