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University of California - San Diego
Culture, Art, & Technology
Gerald Doppelt

1Leo Marx and Joy discuss the general results of the development of science and sttechnology in the 21 centuryaAbortion is one of the many ethical issues that have arisen as a result of these technological advancements2Bring two questions to every discussion section3With essays you are EXPLAINING positions and argumentsaNo quotes all in own words However you will be referencing where in the texts the points are made4Science and technology are among the most complicated human activities that we possessaThe development raises ethical issues that science and technology cannot solve because science and technology does not involve ethical reasoningbEx one of the many controversial advancements was the atomic bomb the ability to split the atom iThe decision to drop the bomb in WW2 was the result of a moral and ethical discussion mainly from our president Truman in the time1His argument was that he wanted Japan to surrender and knew that dropping an atomic bomb on populations involving children and elderly would involve mass deaths However he reasoned that this was the best way for Japan to surrender2Otherwise he would have needed to deploy troops to Japan which was difficult to do as many of the carrier ships would be destroyed in the process killing many soldiers3He knew that tens of thousands of noncombatants was inevitable with the atomic bomb but that this would save many American lives at the tremendous cost of many Japanese lives5The decision was made available by the scientists and technology available to create the atomic bomb the decision was actually made by the president himselfaThis was a moral and ethical judgment based on empirical data not a scientific or logical judgmentbThe question was whether or not the Japanese noncombatants were actually innocent Did they participate in the Japanese war in any way Werent they technically under the willing rule of the emperor Not really it was not a democracy
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