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Lecture 1

MMW 12 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Umayyad Caliphate, Shia Islam

Making of the Modern World
Course Code
MMW 12
Alexander B Stewart

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200 BC
o 2 Great Classical Empires: Rome and Han China
Roman Republic
200 AD Becomes an Empire with Julius Caesar and
Han Dynasty China
200 BC 300 AD
o Kushon Empire
Go-between Empire between Roman Republic and Han China
~50 BC
o Jesus born around time that Rome became a Republic
Birth of Christianity
300 AD
o Constantine
Ensures Rome accepts Christianity
Converts to Christianity
200 AD 600 AD
o Sassanids Empire in Persia
200 AD 600 AD
o 3 Kingdoms Period
Post-Han China
600 AD 900 AD
o Tang Dynasty in China
300 AD ~500 AD
o Gupta Empire in India
~600 AD
o Islamic Religion introduced to Tang Dynasty from Mid East
600 AD 750 AD
o Muhammad
Division of Islam when Muhammad died (Shiia)
750 AD 800 AD
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