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Lecture 21

MMW 12 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Dharma, Jataka Tales, Buddhology

Making of the Modern World
Course Code
MMW 12
Richard Cohen

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Three Incidents from Faxian's Account: c. The Sermon of a Monk
Naga Cult
Worship and hope they bring rains for crops to grow and for their country
to thrive
Relic Cult
Words of Buddha
Buddha's Bowl
Travels of Fa-Hien (pg 109-110): "Buddha's alm-s bowl was at first in
Vaisali, and now it is in Gandhara…"
Unites all Buddhas over all the years
Truth of reality
When reach enlightenment=know dharma
Not just one Buddha; constantly being reborn have to be male though
Revelation: Closed vs. Open Traditions
Body of texts that belong to a certain religion
Christianity: New Testament
Islam: Quran
Closed vs. Open Tradition
Islam: Closed tradition --> because there is not more canon to be
produced ater the death of Mohammad
How is Buddhism both a closed and open tradition?
The Problem of Nirvana and the Changing Notions of Buddhahood
Major events in the life of Shakyamuni Buddha
Born (prophecy that if he sees suffering then he will leave home; if not, he
will be the greatest conqueror the world has ever known)
Lecture 21
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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