SOCI 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Alexis De Tocqueville, Meddle

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4 Jun 2020
You have a central government of some kind that deals with the general
Governments usually want to meddle with local affairs
Administrative centralization, most advanced in France
Danger in france is that the king spent his whole reign trying to
take power away from every local government and authority in
Got away with it because French were so used to being
subjects and not citizens
Produces people who don’t fight for freedom
Tocqueville believes that bureaucracies keep people from taking initiative
and works against practicing for freedom, because people get stuck in the
habit of waiting for someone to tell them what to do
America is a country of citizens that take matters into their own hands
People together struggling to change their political condition
“Culture” = “mores”
Tocqueville was a devout inner catholic, believed in the inner
principles that is inside you that makes you moral
Believed religion is a vital power for a lot of what we strive
for; “natural” to the human heart as hope
Every individual must strive for his or her freedom
Protestants have an advantage over the catholics
because they all fight for their freedom which is
important to their religion
Americans have no official church because they want to have their
own religions
Religion has helped to protect freedom
Women are the protectors of religion
Get their children to go to church, get them to read
the bible, etc -> transmit culture
Tocqueville believes that religion is going down, less and less
people go to church
*christianity* is the protector of individual freedom
If it continues to weaken, it will weaken freedom
P.287, 308, 315
Tocqueville thinks you can’t just build freedom by setting
associations in place. People have to believe in freedom
If people have the inner connection to freedom, that is the
most important.
Mores is at the heart of how Americans are free and remain
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