SOCI 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Free Market, The German Ideology

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4 Jun 2020
The critical attitude of marx’s professors got them into trouble -> influenced marx to be
more radical
Marx prizes those things that ordinary citizens of his time would prize
Parliamentary government
Debate, public argument
Marx became more and more critical of civil society
Human beings had a right to freedom from political control
Humans with resources can do whatever they want, while those who do not have
resources will continue to be exploited
There is a freedom but also an unfreedom for a majority of the population
We want to look at the most basic reality of what humans are right
Humans labor
Human beings are the only species that make their own form of subsistence
Humans make things
We must look at humans as they labor -> look at economists
All wealth is a product of humans laboring
Labor is the source of wealth
What humans are really selling is themselves
Our labor is a commodity
Humans must sell their labor to work, laborers are not free
Economists believe that everything is done in a free market, but the
laborers are not free
No free market for the laborer
“Free market is the best for everyone” is false
“alienation”/ “estranged”
Used by Hegel philosophically
Logic of history and philosophy
A certain state of affairs is generated, but also generates opposition ->
Marx’s definition: human beings go to labor and when they do, they are created
through labor
The goal of labor is creation
Look at the real conditions of real people
Laborers enrich the world with commodities but they don’t make enough
to afford these commodities
Wage rates only reflect what the employers want to give
Laborers enrich the world but impoverish themselves
Labor is a practice by which human beings take a part of themselves and
mix it with their creation
Laborers deplete all their creative ability through their creation,
and then their creation is taken away from them
Humanity- labor is the life activity of human beings, the key to what we
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