SOCI 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Mechanical And Organic Solidarity, Collective Consciousness, Class Conflict

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4 Jun 2020
Durkheim sees a society around him riddled with class conflict due to
What does it take to give a society solidarity?
How does a society reproduce itself?
Most of the time they don’t
Wants to figure out what kinds of rules, norms, and practices a society
should have to have more solidarity
Society- a cyclical existence full of bonds with other things and people
Society works bc it is inside us
Forms of solidarity:
Mechanical- the sense of connectedness with other people based on the
fact that they are like me
Fundamental way to think of solidarity
Collective consciousness- the totality of beliefs and sentiments
common to the average members of society
A mental attitude, a set of sentiments the average member
of society possesses
A mental disposition, structure that shapes us and orients us
to other people
Independent of the positions people find themselves in
The power of collective consciousness is that the norm is so
strong you cannot deviate from it
Need to look at how strong social pressure is
However, we are not dealing with societies frozen in time
Societies evolve from simple ones where everyone
is the same, and as they evolve, collective
consciousness gets weaker -> more room to be
Social order, coherence, and individuality are all important
As the need to be just like everyone else weakens, we become
more individual
Organic- solidarity produced by the division of labor ties between people
Division of labor allows us to be individual but also keep us
together in codependence
Any given society is a mix of both organic and mechanical
Primitive societies- non-western, non-industrial societies, more tribal
Societies wherein there is no room to be different, have to follow the
status quo
Measuring solidarity- quantitative measurements of organic and mechanical solidarity?
Brings in psychology, sociology, and law
Law and crime
In a way follows tocqueville
Law is an expression of a social order
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