2/25 – Inequality and Immigration Today

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SOCI 139
Vanesa Ribas

1. What are the most prevalent images of Latino migrants represented in popular media today? Are you surprised that mainstream “news” magazines such as Time, Newsweek, and US New and World Report have propagated inflammatory and alarmist discourse about immigration, as Chavez shows? Why or why not? Farm workers, cleaners, no I’m not surprised because people have their own opinions about this topic. Latina stereotypes of giving birth 2. According to Chavez, what motivates media and scholarly representations of Mexican Immigration as an “invasion”? How do these representations depict the “American Nation” that is supposedly being threatened? Americans try to constitute those as other and minority. American nation is 3. The discourses analyzed by chavez are still prevalent in current public representations about immigration, especially immigration from LatinAmerica (and unauthorized immigration in particular). In fact, these kinds of discourses inform the wave of exclusionary legislation that is sweeping the country at this time (Arizona,Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina are few examples). Why are immigrants such a popular target? Is this the first time inAmerican history when immigrants have been the targets of exclusion? How do you think the battle over these exclusionary laws will end. Mexican targets are a huge established population. No, Slaves Prevalent images Magazine cover of White-blue eyed baby - “endangered” Time Magazine - “Welcome toAmexica” Image of separatism - a country within a country Quebec model - would su
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