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Lecture 20

BISC439 Lecture 20: Stem Cell Class Notes

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University of Delaware
Biological Sciences
Galileo Deni

Developmental Neurobiology – Neural Stem Progenitor cell class notes • There are stem cells in the brain that can replace neurons in adult CNS • Regeneration of axons and dendrites is different in the PNS and CNS due to differences in oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells • Can label cells with BrdU (non-radioactive) and [3H] thymidine (radioactive) to label cells that are in the process of being born • SVZ is only in rodents, not humans • HPC subgranular zone is in humans and rodents • Stem cells divide slowly (about once a month) o One multipotent progenitor – divides with a shorter cell cycle (12 hours) ▪ Give rise to restricted neuronal progenitors (may migrate to olfactory bulb or unknown destinations) ▪ One cell remains a stem cell and keeps dividing slowly • Transit amplifying cells are like the progenitors that multiply rapidly • Stem cells need stuff from ventricles and blood vessels o They may be surrounded by other cells to protect from factors that would keep them as stem cells • Replenishment of cells to olfactory bulb doesn’t happen to adult humans, only to rats • GFAP, Vimentin, and Nestin are intermediate filaments • Type C – not GFAP positive, multipotent progenitors • Sometimes, progenitors can revert back to stem cells o Seen with tumors • Having lots of carbohydrates (Type A w/ PSA-NCAM) loosens up adhesion and allows better migration
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