CRJU110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Term Of Office

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Lesson 20
Prison Types and Definitions:
1. Minimum Security Prison
Least secure facility that houses white collar and non-violent offenders,
maintains few security measure, and has liberal visitation policies
2. Medium Security Prison
Less secure facility that houses mainly non-violent offenders, more contact with
outside world than maximum security prison, and has programs
3. Maximum Security Prison
Most secure facility that houses dangerous felons and maintains strict visitation
Minimum Security Facilities
o May be
small farms
road camps
forestry camps
o Most likely located in rural areas
o House inmates considered
low on internal and external risk
(no escape risk)
o Facilities have been created mainly to serve economic needs of the community
o Most facilities do not provide education, vocational, or counseling-like services other
than work
Medium Security Facilities
o Largest number of facilities
o Exposes inmates to a variety of programs intended to help them become useful
members of society
o Predominate consideration is security:
Perimeter security in the form of masonry walls, double cyclone fences
Electronic devices and guards
Maximum Security Facilities
o Facilities are geared to the fullest possible supervision control
o Surveillance of inmates at all times
o Usually surrounded by masonry walls, double fences, gun towers, electronic sensors,
and good lighting
o Inmates include: persistent property offenders, troublesome inmate, individuals
considered to be dangers because of the nature of their offenses
o Maximum security facilities emphasize:
High perimeter security
High internal security
Operating regulations that curtain movement and maximize control
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