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Lecture 6

GEOL105 Lecture 6: 3-1

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Dr.Ed Kohut

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3117 Tsunamis Comparison to Wind Waves o Wind waves Energy: mainly on surface Periods: typically, 10 seconds Wavelengths: typically, 150, (500ft) Height: typically, 13 meters (310 ft) o Tsunamis: Energy: surface to seafloor Move the entire depth of the ocean (often several kilometers deep) Periods: minutes to hours Wavelengths: several hundred km Height: a few meters in deep ocean Tsunamis characteristics o Tsunamis Not noticeable in deep ocean Travel at speeds from 500 to 1000 kmh (315625 mih) In shallow waters Water piles up at wave front Speed slows to 72kmh (45 mph) Long wavelength = onshore flow for several minutes There will be several surges of varying heights over many hours
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