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Lecture 4

GEOL105 Lecture 4: 2-17

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Dr.Ed Kohut

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21717 Plate Tectonics The global process that forms continents, ocean basins, mountains, rift valleys (tectonics) o Tectonics result from movement and interaction of rigid plates of lithosphere o Produces most volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunami Plate Tectonics Driving forces o Heat convection o Pull of sinking plates Sources of heat o Leftover heat from earths formation o Radioactive decay Unstable isotopes of Uranium and Thorium release particles and energy, heating surrounding rock. 3 types of plate boundaries o Plate can Move away from a boundary and each other (diverging) Move towards a boundary and each other (converging) Move along a boundary (transform) o Divergent Boundaries Two subtypes Oceanic spreading centers o In ocean basins
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