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Lecture 7

HIST103 Lecture 7: march 21 lecture

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Michael Pospishil

J l 32317 LECTURE 2kya AXIAL AGE big empires throughout Eurasia are being formed where there are central religious documents within these zones. Roman Greek Persian Indian Chinese HG O (YDNA) Chromosome being carried by 60100 of people in the Chinese world zone and spread southeast into Indonesia and towards Australia Carriers of Haplo Group O went around parts of Australia. Mesoamerican Language Area 52kya About 10 different existing languages around Mexico showing isolated groups of people. Example of diffusion. Different languages that somewhat pick up from each other and have similar tonality and inflection zone of diffusion. Sprachbund Language Federation. Refers to the process by which the five main languages of Mesoamerica evolve together from interaction and diffusion where the speakers of these languages are returning back to their own landscapes and settling there (we have our own twists on things like accents in variations of English). They have different language with lots of similarities. o UtoAztecan o Totonacan o OtoManguean o Yucatec o = MIXEZOQUE How are religious ideas being formed in Mesoamerica? Cascajal Block, ca. 3kya earliest writing discovered in Mesoamerica, not deciphered. Olmec area. Dresden Codex, ca. .8kya More complete writing from the Mayans. Reveals the Mayan cosmology. 2kya in Mesoamerica Mayans Major empires exist all throughout Eurasia (2d wave of empires). In Mesoamerica they are emerging into the first wave of citystates and such. Not yet organized into empires. The Mayans are just starting the process. Tropical uplands and Tropical lowlands
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