PLSC133 Lecture 1: Ornamental Horticulture Class 1

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Ornamental Horticulture 133
Dr. David Frey
Phone: (302) 831-6378
February 6, 2017
Introduction to Class
From Latin:
o Hortus (Garden)
o Colere (To Cultivate)
Part of the plat agriulture oered ith garde rops
Other Plant agriculture includes:
o Agronomy- field crops (grains and forages) and soils
o Forestry- forest trees and products
Horticulture includes fruits, nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, spices and medicinal plants
Horticulture divided into:
o Pomology (fruits and nuts)
o Olericultures (vegetables)
o Ornamentals- aesthetic/amenity crops
Floriculture- greenhouse grown plants (cut flowers, potted flowering, and
foliage, bedding plants)
Landscape industry
Nursery and seed production
Ornamental Plants
o Egyptians purposely looked for ornamental plants
Written and drawn history prove evidence that this category of plants were
used for landscaping outside temples
o The Greeks also used these plants
Would come back in with their ships filled with plants
o Up to the 14th century ornamental plants were used for landscaping
Combined in the landscape
o During the Renaissance Period this began to change
o During the 18th century people began to increase their interest in ornamental plants
Traveled to Europe to bring back new plants
The Wardian Case
o Transporting plants across the Atlantic was very difficult
o The salt spray would damage plants
o Created glass boxes (terrarium) to transport plants
Luxurious plants
o Ornamental Plants were only available to people with status or wealth
o If you are starig that’s the least of your proles
Modern Ornamental Plants
o 76% of Americans grow ornamental plants at their house holds
o Ages of above 30 make up most ornamental plant growers
o As people’s salaries go up so does the aout the sped o oraetals
“tudies of the 9’s
o Ornamental plants have been proven to help your health physically and mentally
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