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Lecture 6

PSYC209 Lecture 6: Chapter 6 Notes

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Ly Agnes

Madison Newman PSYC 209080 31317 Chapter 6: Characteristics of the Sample Mean Sampling distributionfor the mean it is a distribution of all sample means that could be obtained in samples of a given size from the same population o Sampling without replacementeach participantitem is not replaced before next selection o Sampling with replacementeach participantitem is replaced before next selection Sample designspecific plan or protocol for how individuals will be selected or sampled from a population of interest Unbiased estimatorany sample statistic obtained from a randomly selected sample that equals the value of its respective population parameter on average; equals the population mean on average Central limit theorem Regardless of the shape of the population, the shape of the sampling distribution of the mean approximates a normal curve if the sample size is sufciently large. o It is NOT about the number of samples, but the size of the sample. Standard error of the meanstandard deviation of sampling distribution of sample means Sampling errorextent to which sample means selected from the same population differ from one another Law of large numbersincreasing the of observations or samples in a study will decrease the standard error; larger samples are associated with closer estimates Variance of sampling distribution of sample means: population variancesample size
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