SGST301 Lecture 17: Set It Off Notes

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University of Delaware
Sexualities and Gender Studies
Warner Mary Ruth

Set It Off Notes Opens at the bank o Frankie is a teller and she gets held up by a black man with a gun She knows him (his name is Darrell) He has two other armed accomplices He shoots a random white woman with no warning Security and robbers shoot each other o The cops and bank are blaming Frankie because she didnt follow protocol and because she knew the robber She got fired Racism At a 70s themed graduation party at Stoneys house o Tells Stoney he didnt get a scholarship so he isnt going to college Cleo suggests robbing a bank Stoney has sex with a man to get money for her brother to go to college Frankie starts working with everyone else at Luthers Janitorial Stevey (Stoneys brother) tells her he didnt get into college o Stoney freaks out o She rips up the check that she got from having sex Stevey is friends with the guys who robbed the bank o They convince him to get AP shaved in the back of his hair This is what the cops are looking for As soon as he walks outside the cops shoot him Police knew they messed up Frankie keeps talking about robbing the bank o Says no one will get hurt because she knows it too well o Stoney agrees to do it Went to the bank to case the bank and the bank manager was flirting with Stoney and she got his number TT brings her baby to work at Luthers o The baby gets into cleaning supplies and CPS takes the kid They get guns and promise to return them with interest o They steal a car o They put on wigs o They go to a different bank and the other girls say they dont want to do it anymore because its a different bank Frankie went straight in It went off without a hitch Frankie tries saying TT doesnt get any money because she got nervous and ran away and didnt participate in the robbery Cops traced the car back to the garage it was stolen from and found the CDs Cleo threw out the window Stoney goes on a date with the bank manager
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