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Lecture 16

SOCI201 Lecture 16: Stupidity 16

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Best Joel

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Stupidity • 2006 Geographic Literacy Survey o “six in 10 young adults can’t find Iraq on a map of the middle east.” th o Are you smarter then a 5 grader show o We aren’t alone, but maybe we are worse • American schools failing o Politicians warn us as do experts o Two recent blue-ribbon commissions § “still at risk”- asking what highschool seniors learn o Our basic knowledge enables us to engage in conversations about policy and values but 17 year olds are illiterate o Influential reports from 1983 • 1957- uncle sam discovers American science isn’t ahead in everything o Russians completing scientific accomplishment and leaving US in the dust o US leading the forces in democracy against soviets o What were we saying 60 years earlier? § Same stuff § There was a time when a teacher didn’t hesitate to get personal effort for work • Maybe we can find the golden age if we go back further o Civil war ended in 65 o In 66 someone said we weren’t teaching students well enough in the US to work o In 1840s- most states began to pass laws requiring public education o Best points out that we go back in time to see that schools have been getting worse for 170 years § During that time americans have invented a lo
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