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Lecture 18

SOCI201 Lecture 18: Housing 18

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Housing • Article o About racial segregation o Author said racial segregation is persistant • Health Disparities o Preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experiences by socially disadvantaged populations o Diabetes § Concentrated in southern US o Life expectanies § White women have higher life expectancies then white women § Black women have higher life expectancies have a higher life expectancy then black men o Women and treatment of pain § Women are more likely to be dismissed when in pain • What is health? o Health is more than going to the doctor and having access to medical care • Social determinants of health o Neighborhoods and segregation o Neighborhoods effecting employment that effect health o Graph leding everything to health • Neighborhoods o Lower income minority minority neighborhoods are targeted for tobacco and alcohol advertisements o Neighborhoods with lower crime and better sidewalks and paygrounds encourage healthy behaviors o After civil was the level of balck and white segregation increased in both northern and southern cities, stabaliing in the 1940s § Civil rights act in 1968 made discrimination for home buying illegal • Despite act housing discrimination still exists o Steering: realtors direct prospecting tenants towa
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