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Global Economy/Neo Liberalism  FordistAccumulation: Labor market where employees worked repetitive tasks on an assembly line  Flexible accumulation: Form of capitalism which corporations developed more readily changeable forms of production, allowing manufactures to respond quicker to changing markets and sell their products to more consumer niches.  Outsourcing: Transfer or management of some functions of a corporation to an outside party through subcontracting.  Liberalism: governments should not regulate economic activity (should operate freely) shouldn’t impose limitations on manufacturing, restrictions on commerce, and taxes/duties.  Deregulation: favored by liberals which removes governmental controls over commercial activities and markets.  Privatization: Supports transfers of governmentally owned enterprises to the private sector.  Disciplining workers:  Sexual assault in US army  Command Rape- Higher ranking officer demands sex upon penalty of humiliation or compromised safety of lower ranking soldier.  EU: Mobbing- marginalization, isolation, or persecution of a worker by one o r more same or upper-level workers; Intends to make employee resign; considered gender neutral but victims are often women.  LaborActivism: Women working in harsh conditions have no way out; large scale strikes are becoming more common.  Labor Struggles: Moldovan women who leave home are ridiculed  Asante women seen as making a valuable contribution to children.  Pink Collar worker: someone who does “women’s work” (nurse, teacher, waitress)  Male supervisors VS female workers:  Women monitored for work quality and appearance; exploited sexually harassed  Gossip focuses on feminization; women are docile +productive  In Japan and South Korea: Social activities revolve around a lot of alcohol and creates an “in group” among co workers  Refusing to drink= lack of work ethic, disloyal to company  South korea rules forcing subordinates to drink is illegal “violation of human dignity” health risks=decreased productivity.  Differing viewpoints on the effects of glo
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