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ANT 3520
Katie Rubin

Ethics in Forensic Sciences • Ethics o The discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation o A set of moral principles: a theory or system of moral values o The principles of conduct governing an individual or a group o A criminalist who tells the truth and is of good moral character will not run into any ethical problems  But is this always true? • Are their morals in line with the ethics of the field? • Code of ethics o A written set of rules that an organization lab, office, class, agrees to follow o Why is it important to have a code of ethics?  Gives credibility to the field o Also used to prevent professional heresy, avoid litigation, and keep individuals from embarrassing the organization. o Aren’t morals enough?  No!  Morals can vary and they are not written down  Morals do provide the based for many codes of ethics o AAFS CODE OF ETHICS  o Legal opinion – involves the interpretation o
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