PSY 3213L Lecture 10: Chapter 10 Complex Experimental Designs

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Clinical and Health Psychology
PSY 3213L
Melissa Cervantez

Chapter 10: Complex Experimental Designs Tuesday, July 18, 2017 1:58 PM • Increasing the number of levels of an independent variable o Simple design has 2 levels of an IV o Three levels or more of an IV can provide more information • Positive monotonic relationship ▪ Effective to a point, then levels off o If you only measure 2 levels of your IV, you might not be able to detect curvilinear relationships o Sometimes you are interested in measuring more than two groups o Researchers can manipulate more than one IV in a single experiment (closer to real world design). o Factorial Designs • Are designs with more than one IV (or factor) • Simplest factorial design ▪ 2x2 factorial design • Has two IV • Each independent variable has two levels o Example • Dunn (2005) • IV: low or high exercise groups • DV: standard depression measure • Researchers wondered about frequency of exercising, so they added another IV ▪ Frequency, 3 days a week or 5 days a week • Interpretation of Factorial Designs o Main Effect of an independent variable • Design with two IVs is going to have two main effects o Interaction between the independent variables
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