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University of Florida
Education - Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
EEX 2000
Penny Cox

Impact of Disabilities: HOME Medical Issues and ID:  Some conditions related to ID also result in medical problems.  People with ID are at greater risk for developing health problems.  People with Down Syndrome often develop medical problems as their lives progress. Medical Problems and Down Syndrome  Some common health problems associated with DS include: o Hypotonia o Vision problems o Hearing loss o Heart defects o Gastrointestinal defects o Thyroid problems  People with DS are less likely to have: o Hypertension o Arthritis  People with DS are more likely to have o Poor dental care o Poor oral hygiene o Epilepsy Accessing Specialized Health Care  Parents of children with disabilities often experience difficulty finding appropriate health care and health care providers.  Particularly, problems are noted by families of children with DS, autism, and health impairments  Common problems are: o Getting referrals and appointments o Finding providers w/ expertise in the area of need o Coordination of services  Difficulty with accessing care is consistent across disability areas. o Autism- 2 to 3 times higher o ID- twice as high o Health impairments- fewest problems reported  Families with more than one child needing specialized care report more access problems. Medical Issues Related to Aging and ID  Life expectancy for people with ID has increased. o In the 20s and 30s, life expectancy was about 20 years o By the 1980s, life expectancy had increased to 60  Adults with ID have similar mortality rates as their age peers to age 30-34. o After age 30-34, the mortality rate for people with ID increases dramatically  Estimate of the number of people with developmental disabilities 60 years old and older in the US are around 525k o This number is expected to double by 2030  Adults with ID have more medical problems than their age peers. o That number increases with the severity of the disability  Adults with ID are at a greater risk for developing psychiatric and mental disorders. (5 times greater)  Diagnosis can be problematic. o Complicated by poor verbal skills. o Ma
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