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Lecture 13

MDU 4003 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: American Medical College Application Service, Pre-Medical

Health Outcomes & Policy
Course Code
MDU 4003
Rhamani, Mariam

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Message from Dr. Lynch, Assistant Dean of Admissions
leila is assistant director
he asks in groups, what is it that you want in your doctor
common: smart and competent, listen, be caring, trustworthy, best interest at heart, not
put yourself in their position and how do you find people that are like that
leila was undergraduate premed advisor
medical school’s job to be a competent physician
admission process at UF
looking at how you spend your time
questions on the nature of medicine and how you care about people
survey professors and peers
interview ability score: what sort of person you are
leila: national holistic admissions
wants people that do things in the checkbox because they care about it
Ms. Amiri on A-Z on admissions
● leila
director of admissions
basics about how to apply and selection process
apply between junior and senior year
application process takes a full year
begin a primary application: AMCAS
courses beyong high school
15 boxes for life
■ essay
mcat score
schools will send a secondary application
school specific
2-3 essays and questions
does receiving a secondary application guarantee an interview spot
○ no
most release to those who apply
secondaries reflect cultures
some screen based on metrics
some ask to pay fee
met basic criteria
interview process
body language
proper eye contact
○ demeaner
school is interested in who you are on paper
be yourself, share opinions
language components
know about health care reform, major health concerns,
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