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Lecture 1

MCB 3020L Lecture 1: AFA Proposal

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Microbiology and Cell Science
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MCB 3020L
Monika Walburga Oli

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Richard Timmons Professor Evan Hart AFA3110 10 October 2014 The Negative Implications of Nat Turners Rebellion The topic I decided to explore throughout the remainder of this semester is Nat Turner and the implications of the slave rebellion he led. Carried by his religious and spiritual convections and visions, Nat Turner led a violent uprising that would dramatically change the course of history forever. Followed by a pack of fellow slaves and free men of color, carrying only blunt instrumentsknives, axes, etc.Turner traveled door to door, murdering every white individual they encountered. Turners force peaked at more than ifty rebels. In the end, the rebels brutally killed at least iftyive white individuals mothers, children, death. The aftermath of the rebellion were plentiful and detrimental. Although the state considered abolishing slavery after the barbaric actions of Nat Turner, the legislative of Virginia instead voted to punish the black community extensively. In addition to the new laws enacted to further restrict the liberty of blacks, the already delicate relationship between black slaves and white masters was furthered destabilized by the rebellion. The most signiicant consequence of Turners rebellion was the intensiied divide between blacks slaves and white masters, the North and the South, and, in general, between blacks and whites.
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