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Lecture 1

SDS 3482 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Coronary Artery Disease, Hans Selye, Walter Bradford Cannon

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SDS 3482
Mercedes M Machado

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Thursday, August 24, 2017
What is Stress?
-Body’s way of responding to any kind of demand!
Release chemicals that give energy and strength!
Combination of a stressor, stress reactivity, and strain!
-Includes: stimulus, response, whole spectrum of interacting factors, and
stimulus-response interaction!
-Walter Cannon!
First to describe eects of acute stress!
Fight of flight response
-Body’s stress reaction that includes quick increase in heart rate, respiration
blood pressure, and serum cholesterol; primitive response!
-Hans Selye!
Studied eect of long-term/chronic stress!
Summarized his findings by proposing a three phase process: general adaptation
1. Alarm reaction!
2. Stage of resistance!
3. Stage of exhaustion!
-Other Influential Researchers!
Simeons: Related evolution to psychosomatic disease (20th century concept)!
Wol, LeShan, and Engel: Studied illness, disease, and stress!
Friedman and Rosenman: Identified relationship between stress and coronary
heart disease!
Simonton: Imagery and cancer therapy!
-Types of Stress!
-Good things to which one has to adapt and that can lead to a stress reaction!
Ex. A job promotion!
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