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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 10/22/2013 Most important theme (from last lecture): Chillin’ in the 1780’s  American Revolution was never really what we thought about  War of Attrition o British honestly should’ve war  Organized military  Military might  Leadership  Wealthy  Controlled oceans  “Finest Navy” o Colonist disadvantage  Not intellectually advanced  Divided  1 of 5 colonists was a loyalist  B. Franklin’s family was divided  40% of colonists were neutral  40% of colonists were patriotic to the American Cause  Enthusiasm waxed and waned depending on where the British attacked  Many colonists joined just for money  Divided and Poor  Limited clothing, weapons, and supplies o Colonists advantages:  Defending on point  British had communications issues  British Aristocracy considered the war too costly and bad  Colonists used Guerilla Warfare  Geo Political: France would help colonists to aggravate Europe  No key sites in Colonial America  Peace treaty in 1782… signed in 1783  We’d see similar issues in the Vietnam War General Idea: The war was never what you really considered. Rhetorically these guys used very ironic thought processes. Honestly, Americans live within the height of hypocrisy. 1 AMH 2010 10/22/2013 Post-Revolution America  Native Americans had it bad  Slaves had it really bad o Continued to be slaves… American hypocrisy  Women became important during the war o Women were doing everything well o Doing a man’s job just as equally  Minor victories for Women: o Divorce became easier o One state, women who had property could vote till 1807  Returned in 1920  New Jersey  Economy was devastated o British destroyed everything o Coastal cities were trashed o Barter economy  Many damaged cities never recovered from the revolutionary war  “Independence was an opportun
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