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GEOG 2110L
David Stanley

'B' CLIMATES * Areas where the Potential Evaporation > Precipitation * Potential Evapotranspiration: the amount of moisture that would evaporate from a given area if it were available * 'B' climatesare the only climates based on precipitation ** General characteristics: * cover 25 - 35% of earth's land area * precip is quite variable, spatially & temporally Types: BW: Arid or desert BS: Semi-arid or steppe (0-10 inches) (10-20 inches) BWh: Tropical Desert BSh: Tropical Steppe BWk: Mid-latitude Desert BSk: Midlatitude Steppe * 3rd letter: h = hot & k = cool to cold BWh & BSh: Tropical Desert & Tropical Steppe Location: centered on ~ 20° - 30 ° N & S BWh: n Mexico, sw U.S.; Atacama (SA); Sahara, Namib, Kalahari (Africa); SaudiArabia; centralAustralian deserts BSh: the Sahel (Africa) Characteristics: very low precip,* * highest T°'s ever recorded on earth (136°F in Libya) Mechanisms: * dominates the STH(sub-tropical high) cells all year BWk & BSk: Mid-latitude Desert & Steppe Location: poleward of BSh & BWh areas; BWk: Great Basin (U.S.); Patagonia(Argentina); Gobi desert area & Takla Makan area (Mongolia/sw China) BSk: Great Plains(U.S.); Turkey to centralAsia (Russian Steppe) Characteristics: hot summers, BUT cool to cold winters Mechanisms: * Rainshadow effect: Great Basin & Grea
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