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GEOG 2110L
David Stanley

'D' CLIMATES ** Humid continental & Subarctic climates * avg T° of coldest month is <= -3°C (26°F) & avg T° of warmest month is > 10°C (50°F) * NO 'D' climates in the southern hemispheres; no large land masses in the correct latitudinal zone Types: Dfa, Dfb Humid Continental Dwa, Dwb Humid Continental (only inAsia) Dfc, Dfd Subarctic Dwc, Dwd Subarctic (only inAsia) Dfa, Dfb, Dwa, Dwb: Humid Continental Location: ~ 40° to 55° N; Midwest U.S. to east coast, s Canada; e Europe & Scandinavia to cent Russia Characteristics: COLD winters, warm summers; * large annual T° variations; cP air dominates Mechanisms: far northern latitudes = relatively low amounts of solar radiation & thus little energy (heat) * continentality * dominated by the polar front Dfc, Dfd, Dwc, Dwd: Subarctic Location: poleward of Dfa, Dfb, Dwa, Dwb climates, south of tundra, westernAlaska across Canada to Newfoundland; Norway across Russia to the Pacific Ocean Characteristics: long, cold winters; short, warm summers * exhibit the greatest annual T° ranges (Siberia up to 145°F) * precipitat
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