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Lecture 4

LEGL 2700 Lecture 4: All Legal 2700 Notes

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Legal Studies
LEGL 2700

find more resources at 3 o Also refers to any law regulating and limiting private owners’ productive resources and their use. ▪ Administrative and Regulatory Law: Concerns public law that protect, tax, regulate, or redistribute an owner’s resources o Regulatory law: both protects ownership and sets limits on private resource use o Antitrust laws: forbids owners from monopolizing classes of resources and sets rules for how businesses can compete to acquire ownership in new resources o Securities laws: regulate the transfer of ownership in certain profit-making opportunities o Environmental law: controls how owners can use their resources when creating pollution o Labor laws and antidiscrimination laws: involve property in the sense that they protect the employees’ right to exclude employers from interfering with certain self-ownership interests of the employees Jurisprudence • Jurisprudence is the general body of law created by judges as opposed to the statues created by the legislatures o Aka- what do the judges in that area say. Can a legal license obtained in Atlanta stand for a marriage ceremony in Charlotte? • Philosophies (of the law not the actual law) that explain origin of law and its jurisdiction and can overlap: o Natural Law ▪ If it does not come from nature it is not natural o Positive Law ▪ Believes that law is simply the commands of the state backed up by force and punishments o Historical School ▪ Law should focus on legal principles that have withstood the test of time in a nation. ▪ Believes law reflects the cultural traditions of a people and recognizes that different nations may have different traditions and consequently different laws o Sociological Jurisprudence find more resources at
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