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Lecture 8

PHIL 2010 Lecture 8: PHIL 2010 Olson, Animals

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PHIL 2010
Christopher Lay

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PHIL 2010 Olson, Animals According to Parfit, we are different from just animals because of psychological continuity (my mental states—my person—can be put into another animal) Animalism —> each of us is numerically identical within an animal // we ARE animals (animal definition is not fixed & specific • me & some, certain organism are one and the same we have the metaphysical nature of human nature • 1. suppose a human person’s body must always be a sort of animal (a non non-animal body) 2. and suppose that none of us could ever be an animal other than the animal that is his body 3. if (1) and (2) are true, than our being animals accounts to our being identical with our body But are (1) and (2) true? - we could have partly or wholly inorganic bodies (bionic body with plastic/metal parts). . . but no biological organism could come to be inorganic a. amputation? amputating a limb and replacing it with prosthetic a. Response: animal just becomes smaller with an inorganic part attached to it; it does not acquire the inorganic part b. complete replacement? replacing all an organism’s parts with prosthetic b. Response: it is no longer an organism—loses identity Animals are Animals Essentially • animal —> biological organism • the metaphysical nature of animal: = the account of the metaphysical nature of organisms generally 1. organisms are concrete particles; substances // parts —> particles & processes 2. organisms persist through time 3. made up entirely of matter (no non-physical parts) 4. have lives & constant material turnover The Thinking Animal Problem • 2 things: me and my animal // we think and do same thing - Olson’s answer —> you must be that animal • human animal intimately related to you —> your body - animal mentality exactly like you - every thought or experience of yours appear to be a part of the animal (must be you because it thinks you
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