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Lecture 5

POLS 1101 Lecture 5: Constitution

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POLS 1101
Tony Madonna

POLS 1101 Constitution The Founders Washington o Mediocre general, prudent leader, great imagery, walked away when most thought he would not Adams o Excellent policymind, tireless worker, emotional, mediocre politically Jefferson o Excellent politically, brilliant writer, inconsistent implementer of policy, mediocre leader, poor businessman Franklin o The American, respected scientifically as well as politically, very astute politically, great writer, opposed to slavery Hamilton o money man, excellent policymind, inspiring upbringing, inferiority complex, politically rash Madison o Political mastermind, mediocre President, greater writer, savvy predictor Preface to the Constitution 1780 was a disaster for the American military Deteriorating morale stemmed from a lack of adequate funds and provisions Decisions required the approval of ALL state governments Revolution was a collective action problem and states would freeride agree to contribute but not in a timely manner Continental Congress o Lacked decisionmaking authority. Decisions of consequence had to be approced by all satte governments o Could not even get available supplies to troops o Could not compel states to contribute resources when needed Collective action problem was overcome with additional support and money that came from france and helped to officially end the war The Road to Independence Geography o Distance limited Britains capacity to govern the colonies. It also made war costly and difficult Home rule o British had ceded to Americans responsibility for managing their own domestic affairs, including taxation SelfGovernance By 1650 all of the colonies had established elective assemblies These eventually gained authority to initiate laws and levy taxes
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