HLM 216 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Stage Entertainment, Yankee Doodle, United States Marine Band

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Published on 1 Oct 2016
Waltz Songs
By 1890, dance rhythms which was a part of menstrual songs started to be used with
sentimental songs
The waltz first dance rhythm used with
Most memorable songs from this time had a waltz beat
“Take Me out to the Ballgame”
Used from 1860’s to 1910’s
Chorus becomes more memorable and survives rather than veruses
Carries of the legacy of menstrual song
Verse-chorus form
Everyday language
Dance beats
“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
Verse-chorus form
Waltz song
● ¾
Has a dance rhythm
Sold 5 million copies
Showed that there was a market for sheet music for popular music
Stage Entertainment post civil war
Became popular after civil war
Menstrual show showed there was a market for popular entertainment
1870: three entertainment genres
Menstrual show
Vaudeville (variety show)
Singers, dancers, comics, magicians, jugglers
Musical comedy
Had plots
Served more as accompaniment to music, rather than an actual,
good story
Form of musical theater started here
○ Operetta
Great success in US
Early 20th century, people started migrating to US
Starts the slow demise of the menstrual show
The Review
Fills the void of the menstrual show
Interpolation: when they would insert a song because of its popular rather than fitting into
the plot of the show
George M. Cohan
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